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Take your measurements using the guide to the right. When you have your measurements you may then compare with the size chart below

A: Shoulder width

B: Chest where the bust is the greatest

C: Waist

D: Hip, in which the hip / buttocks is widest

E: Sleeve length from center back of the neck along the shoulder and down to the hand

F: Measure from the waist down the leg when checking the length of a skirt.

G: Inseam length

These measurements indicate an approximate size guide. Measure yourself according to our chart to get the correct "fit" find the size that suits you.

When you take measurements to buy a skirt it's Hip dimension is most important. Medium will feel a little big for some, but "it's always easier to take in than to put out"! Our skirts are deliberately a little "big" in the waist for that reason.

Bust 31-32 34-35 35-37 39-40 42-43 45-47 48-50
Waist 27-28 29-30 32-34 34-35 35-37 39-40 42-43
Hips 34-35 36-38 39-40 41-43 43-45 46-47 48-50
Length of Skirt in Medium:          
Original Skirt   35        
Heidi Knee Skirt   22.5        
Mini Skirt   11.8        
Mid Down Skirt   27        
Short Down Skirt   17.5        
Mini Down Skirt   14.5        
Rain Skirt   22.4        
Hella Skirt   34        
Rider Short Skirt   18        
Uneven Skirt   21        
Wool Mini Skirt   14        
Wool Long Skirt   21        
Wool Short Skirt   19.5        
Kids Skirt   25